Rachel's Fun For Everyone Project

Rachel's Idea:

In early February of 2013, nine-year-old "Rachel" approached her mom (Julie) saying "I have an idea" The third-grade student then explained her idea, and showed her the research she had already done. Julie became excited about the idea and asked Rachel to show it to her dad, when he came home from work.
Rachel's father, who also happens to be a member of the Vine Grove Volunteer Fire Department, liked the idea so much, that he took his daughter to meet City Councilwoman Donna Spangenberger. Rachel explained her idea to the Councilwoman, adding that she would be willing to have fund-raisers, such as car washes and chili suppers to help raise the money. Rachel's dad added that the Vine Grove Jr. Firefighters have offered to supply the labor. Councilwoman Spangenberger liked the idea so much, she invited Rachel to attend the next regular meeting and present her idea to the entire City Council.

Rachel accepted the invitation and with the support of her parents, appeared before City Council on Monday, February 4, 2013. Rachel wrote a letter and courageously read it to the Council members, explaining her idea. Put very simply, Rachel wanted to build a playground that all children can use and have fun. By building the equipment, Rachel believes that all children can play together, without the fear of being teased or left out.

Upon hearing from Rachel, the Mayor and City Council unanimously agreed to work with her to help her achieve her goal.

Over the next five years following this Rachel and her committee, alongside the community worked tirelessly to ensure they raised the needed $500,000 to make her dream a reality. 

They opened the playground in August of 2017 and kids and adults alike enjoy the gift of play at the Fun For Everyone Playground every day. 

She has now taken on her next endeavor to provide the community with an all accessible splash pad to sit beside the existing playground. In order to do this she needs your help! Please join us as we embark on this next phase of play!

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